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Awesome Coffee

Laziza goes to great lengths to bring the best coffee to Sydney, and this shows not only in the café's delicious coffees but in their presentation and atmosphere too. Soak up the sounds of the past and indulge the mechanical pop art surrounds.. then sit back and indulge your perfectly 'laziza' coffee.

The Best Bean
70% of the world consumes Arabica coffee, which is both mild and aromatic. The remaining 30% drink Robusta - a more bitter taste but infuses 50% more caffeine.
Extra Flavour
We will have you swooning at the thought of the best coffee and a fulsome, energetic atmosphere.
An Added Ambience
A relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere that allows you to tap a toe, read or eat your cake comfortably, indulging the complex berry and wine after-taste of Laziza coffee.
Extraordinary Juices
Like a juice to your own particular recipe - our juicer is waiting! And coffee flavours - oooh the extra Laziza flavour

Find the perfect start up with Laziza coffee

We Love Our Music!

Nothing worse than dull coffee, and even duller service - we have combined an atmosphere that will have you brimming with rhythm and a perfect coffee. Step up to enjoyment!


A solid 22ml of Expresso - best with Roy Buchannen


Dolip of foamed milk and 60ml of Expresso - try Nancy Sinatra


60ml of Expresso topped by 30ml of foamed milk - as smooth as Lionel Hampton.


60ml Expresso with a generous serve (90ml) of ice-cream - absolutely the Mamas & Papas!

60ml of Chocolate with the same of Expresso, topped by 30 ml of steamed milk - Dire Straits perhaps!.
Cafe Au Lait
A blend 150ml of Expresso and 150 of steamed milk - best with... maybe Benny Goodman; a lot of classics come to mind.


Make Mine Laziza

'Laziza' is Arabic for enjoyable - the perfect description of our blend. Created by a refined selection of light medium roasted and full, dark roasted beans of the choicest South American, Arabica beans. The resulting full-bodied coffee has a round, nutty almond flavour with a clean finish.

Laziza refined
The quality of the Dahtone bean vastly improves the fulsom flavour of the final taste - it offers greater richness in the cup, that's fresh and alive. Our coffees are produced with an original Italian Astoria espresso machine, known for its simplicity and reliability
... and then there's our barista - but that's another story!
Build your flavour
Like the difference between a Laziza double shot ristretto and a café latte, music adds to your blend. Give us a shout out for your favourite vinyl!
Instant Gallery
A small, taster gallery - Check it out!


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Our Beans

Laziza is reaching out to other Café owners to take advantage of the Dahtone coffee blend -

  • Huge cost savings
  • A unique and distinctive flavour
  • Mix & match beans to your needs
  • Freshly roasted to your order
  • No lock-in contracts
  • No minimum orders

Our passion for quality and the best possible balance of beans & roasting techniques has resulted in a smooth, rich and fulfilling blend.


Shop 27. 531-7 Victoria Rd, Ermington 2115 NSW

0419 985 710 AVAILABLE: 7AM - 5PM
SUNDAY: 7AM - 2.30PM